Heading to a friend's place for a barbecue, a beach weekend or summer getaway? 
Stand out as the best guest by opting for a thank you present your host can treasure far longer than a bottle of Chardonnay. 

The drugstore - well, ours, at least! - is a fabulous place to look for something unexpected that's both luxurious and functional. Zitomer Pharmacy has a wide assortment of classic host gifts (from beauty icons to kids' toys to gorgeous home fragrances) that add a warm, luxe touch to any space and are sure to get you invited back. We recommend keeping a selection of these favorites stocked so you'll never have to turn up empty-handed.

Shop Zitomer Pharmacy online or in-store and support New York's original landmark pharmacy and apothecary, a family-run business that believes in old-fashioned customer service with a modern outlook. We scour the globe to bring you the best in beauty and beyond with unparalleled curation and a beauty editor's eye for premium quality and efficacy. 

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