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Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Plush in

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Surpirse Plus in Giant Mystery Egg....


What surprise is hiding under every Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise Heart? Every Rainbocorn hatches from its bright mystery egg and has a unique reversible sequin heart that reveals a magical surprise when swiped!

  • Quirky and fun collectable plush with sequin surprise heart. 12 unique sequin surprise hearts to collect!
  • Born from a giant surprise Rainbocorn Egg. Unbox, hatch and play!
  • Comes with cute, baby Boo-Boocorn hiding inside. Can you find the rare Twin Boo-Boocorns?
  • Reversible sequin surprise heart can be clipped to your backpack, hair, or clothing, and swapped with friends!
  • 12 unique sequin surprise hearts to collect.
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Brand Zitomer
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