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Roller Noir Skin Revitalizing System

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There is no ingredient more powerful than those naturally produced by your body. The NANNETTE de GASPÉ Roller Noir™ enables your skin’s natural ability to restore itself without any outside ingredients or sources other than micro-needles. This at-home treatment allows you to tap into the body’s own fountain of youth to reveal smoother, plumper, and overall rejuvenated looking skin.

The key to a successful result using the Roller Noir™ is tied to several factors; the length of the needles, the frequency of use, and proper care for your device. At NANNETTE de GASPÉ, we bring you cutting edge technology that will give you advanced results with at-home use, on your own terms. The Roller Noir™ Skin Revitalizing System is minimally invasive featuring 192 titanium grade micro needles. This performance enhancing skincare treatment is not painful and helps to facilitate the natural exfoliation of the skin while improving the skin’s overall appearance for a smoother, more youthful and luminous look. Roller Noir™ features 0.5mm Titanium micro needles and should be replaced regularly.

For optimal results, use Roller Noir™ 1-2 times per week and follow the product’s preparation and storage guidelines for healthier and more radiant skin.

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