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Thompson Ferrier

Monte-Cristo Collection

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Decorative Skull Candles
  • Scenteurs et Passion Alexandre Skull
  • Secret Sucré Dantés Skull
  • Thé Aroma Maximilien Skull
  • Wood Charnel Bonaparte Skull
  • Rose de Vents Louise Skull

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    All Thompson Ferrier decorative candles are made from highly concentrated, aromatic essential oils, a proprietary soy wax blend and 100% cotton wicks. Candle holders range from glass base jar to ceramic, to earthenware and porcelain, easily matched to any home décor.

    Scenteurs et Passion Alexandre Skull Smoulder in the embers of sandalwood and amber infused with a hint of patchouli and jasmine.

    Secret Sucré Dantés Black Skull A juicy and intoxicating fragrance that has complex notes of black pomegranate, tart cherry and deep amber cognac.

    Thé Aroma Maximilien Silver Skull A special blend of black tea and lychee's, infused with a delicate floral scent and a fragrant, sweet grape-like flavor.

    Wood Charnel Bonaparte Gold Skull Filled with rich enticing notes of cognac, dark plum and tobacco leaves, with a hint of vanilla.

    Rose de Vents Louise White Skull An Indian Chestnut Rose aroma, scented with exotic spices and aromatic herbs.

    Weight: 23.3 oz / 660g - Burn Time: 140 -1 80 hours

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