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PureWay-C Max

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Immune boost.

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PureWay-C® Max™ is our special combination of PureWay-C® and lemon bioflavonoids. Here is why we put them together.

PureWay-C™ contains vitamin C-lipid metabolites. This non-acidic form of vitamin C supports delivery, availability, absorption, of vitamin C in the body. Because it’s non-acidic, it’s gentle on your digestive track. PureWay-C® also supports blood plasma and tissue retention of vitamin C. It helps support the integrity of the connective tissues, sore muscles, occasional leg cramping, and fatigue.

Lemon bioflavonoids flavonoids enhance the action of vitamin C and for this reason they should be taken together. That is exactly why we combined them!

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Brand Maxi Health
Size 180 Lozenges
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