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Elite Mirror Collection - Oval 8 Brush

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Makeup Brush for Foundation, Blush, Setting Powder, Contouring, Highlighters, Bronzer and Effects Powder


Artis brushes are the most beautiful and efficient makeup brushes in the world, made exclusively with CosmeFibre, a revolutionary, engineered fibre made for applying cosmetics and makeup products. Each brush features hundreds of thousands of individual fibres that form a dense and soft bundle; each fibre ending in a microscopically small and rounded tip for extraordinary softness.

The Oval 8 is slightly smaller than the Oval 10 and also provides the smooth application of products to a large area of the face. This patented brush is perfect for applying foundation or setting powder to the entire face; or applying and blending bronzers or highlighting powders to large areas of the face and body.

100% Animal-Free

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Brand Artis
Size 5½ inches
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