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Sophie La Girafe

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Sophie the giraffe is made from 100% natural rubber. This material, which is also used for feeding bottle and nipples, is natural and “live,” meaning it changes over time and under storage conditions. Therefore, some precautions are necessary. As noted on the packaging: “Examine the product carefully before each use, especially when the child has teeth. Pull the product in all directions and discard it if shows the slightest sign of deterioration or fragility. Do not expose to direct sunlight and keep away from sources of heat.” Sophie the giraffe, as well as nipples and pacifiers, should not be given to a child after, for example, it has been used by a first child, it has been stored or if you don’t know the conditions under which the product might have been previously used. The best way to clean the surface of the natural rubber product is with a damp cloth and soapy water, which is also stated on the product packaging. DO NOT boil, DO NOT sterilize, NO dishwasher

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